Pharmaceutical Call Center Representatives

Pharmaceutical Call Center Representatives

PharmaKinnex’ Call Center offers a multi-channel marketing solution that has been helping Pharmaceutical/Healthcare companies maximize their sales since 2004. Our multi-channel marketing programs offer a cost-effective way of communicating your product’s key message to your most valued customers. The Call Center is the core of our business in providing a blend of both inbound and outbound quality Pharmaceutical tele-detailing. Our center is 100% supportive of the Life Sciences Industry.

The PharmaKinnex Call Center builds relationships with Health Care Professionals and Patients

Pharmaceutical, biotechnology, generic, animal health and medical device companies have a significant need to build relationships with their valued customers. At PharmaKinnex, we recognize that these audiences have very different needs that require companies to take varying approaches to communicate effectively with them. Healthcare professionals are under tremendous pressure to see as many patients as possible each day, and they have very little time to talk with company sales representatives about a particular product. By building relationships, PharmaKinnex can help you to address your challenge in a timely, efficient and compliant manner.

We understand that your target audience is a critical success factor in your brand strategy development. You know who you want to reach, where they are located and what makes them attentive to your message. At PharmaKinnex, we know both how to sound and be effective. Our diverse audiences in the Life Sciences Industry include Physicians in a broad therapeutic class area, Healthcare professionals in Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmacies and at the forefront, your Patients. Each campaign is tailored to your specific target audience to inspire a positive response and achieve the best results.

PharmaKinnex, as your Pharma Tele-detailing partner, provides highly trained personnel, operational efficiencies, and flexibility to scale up or scale down. To maximize efficiencies, PharmaKinnex will tier Representatives based on experience and acquired skills. We employ highly educated and trained professionals to work as call center representatives. Representatives with clinical experience, such as case workers, nurses, or pharmacists have the skills to handle questions that are scientific in nature. Experienced Representatives, who don’t have a clinical background, are available to field general questions, they can also build key relationships with office staff.

Pharmaceutical tele-marketing is a leading way for us to get your foot in the door to reach potential clients. Our Pharma tele-marketing representatives are fully trained and experienced and be able to connect you with company decision makers. Our Pharma call center representatives are equiped with the technology, knowledge and experience needed to provide you and potential clients with quality service. Our Pharmaceutical call center representatives have been helping many pharma companies like yours move up to the next level of business.

PharmaKinnex will work with clients to develop scripts and shape a compelling message that brings response. The call script flowchart provides a detailed schematic of how calls will be managed and the actions prompted by specific responses and questions. Call flowcharts are based on the client company’s standard operating procedures, and the call center will ensure programs remain compliant with company guidelines.

In summary, tele-detailing programs, one of the fastest growing areas in the multi-channel mix, efficiently and effectively influence sales and promotional activities. These programs provide our clients with front-line, invaluable interactions. PharmaKinnex will act as an extension of your company and brand and deliver an effective and efficient mechanism to build good will with healthcare professionals and patients.

Build your Relationship with PharmaKinnex and see the value first hand.

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Pharmaceutical Call Center Representatives