Client Sales Force

Our tele-reps would work in tandem with your existing sales team to increase their impact and optimize your product’s sales potential significantly more than would be possible with the traditional approach of a rep working in isolation, and in some cases can double their efficiency, and realize significant increases in sales. Our tele-reps can also promote your products in vacant territories and white space to further support sales growth.

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Has the ability to deploy a sales team within weeks of the project assignment


Has the ability to quickly ramp up and down the size of your sales team as your business needs change


Prices its services extremely aggressively in order to maximize the value for the client

Market Knowledge

The Leadership has been building Sales Teams for over 30+ years and brings a significant depth and breadth of knowledge


PharmaKinnex prides itself on Client Retention and treating each client’s product(s) as if they were our own. It is our goal to not just meet, but to exceed our clients expectations (ROI) through providing excellent service

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Pharmaceutical Client Sales Force