Clinical Recruitment Program

Are you looking for a company to enlist physicians or patients for a clinical trial? Look no further!

  • PharmaKinnex streamlines the recruitment process
  • We help accelerate the commercialization of safe, effective new treatments, new indications for devastating diseases and conditions
  • Direct patients to new and suitable providers
  • Clients are not the only ones to benefit from expediting the recruiting process, the patient benefits as well.
  • T-Kinnex platform empowers people who are suffering from chronic illnesses or diseases with the ability to locate specialist providers
  • Providers enroll in applicable clinical trials that offer access to potentially life-changing medical advances
Clinical Recruitment Program

Since 80% of people use the internet to find information about their condition, PharmaKinnex utilizes its T-Kinnex platform to access the online channels to target and engage patients that are residing in specific geographical locations. These people are actively researching their medical condition online, and PharmaKinnex refers them to the clinician executing the trial.

Patients can be automatically screened resulting in highly qualified referrals.

We direct patients to user friendly websites specific to their health needs. Whether it is a clinical trial patient recruitment or specialty procedure new patient referrals, it allows patients to sign up, opt-in and be screened online.

The PharmaKinnex platform's Patient Support Screeners can screen patients for age, location, disease and medications. That allows for a patient to only receive applicable information about a specialty procedure or clinical trial for which the patient qualifies.

Personalized Portal refers patients to the Clinic/Study Manager or directly into the EMR in real time.

PharmaKinnex will set up each clinic/study manager with a personalized portal allowing you to view and contact new patients for your clinical trials or specialty procedures as they sign up/opt in - in real time. If preferred, new patients can also be referred directly into the EMR or population health management tool.


Has the ability to deploy a sales team within weeks of the project assignment


Has the ability to quickly ramp up and down the size of your sales team as your business needs change


Prices its services extremely aggressively in order to maximize the value for the client

Market Knowledge

The Leadership has been building Sales Teams for over 30+ years and brings a significant depth and breadth of knowledge


PharmaKinnex prides itself on Client Retention and treating each client’s product(s) as if they were our own. It is our goal to not just meet, but to exceed our clients expectations (ROI) through providing excellent service

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Clinical Recruitment Program