Contract Sales Force

Contract Sales Force

PharmaKinnex is excited to have recently added pharmaceutical contract sales services to our multi-channel approach. This makes us even more impactful and cost-effective for our clients. Our leadership has been building Sales Teams for over thirty years and brings a significant depth and breadth of knowledge to our clients. The promoting by outsourcing teams in the pharmaceutical market is a successful alternative for our clients to recognize cost reductions, and achievements in return of investment. These relationship teams have evolved as a significant, cost-effective industry resource.

Building the Contract Sales Force Team with flexibility and efficiency in meeting your sales objectives.

PharmaKinnex has the ability to quickly ramp up or down the size of your sales team as your business needs change. We understand your business. Speed is also a key advantage in choosing us as your outsource resource.

Our integrated selling model…

In addition to offering manpower relief to our clients, our Contract Sales Services deliver more value to the industry as a fully integrated solution, one that delivers personal promotion empowered by technology along with non-personal outreach. Our Pharma CSO works to optimize sales for our clients through an array of resources and by closely targeting relevant audiences By offering a flexible platform with an array of services including personal, tele-detailing, e-broadcasting, fax and direct mail, our Pharmaceuticals CSO is able to deliver promotional tactics that best suit our clients’ target audience. Our CSO has the necessary infrastructure to support the activities using varied, industry wide experience to provide the most impactful solutions.

The integration of PharmaKinnex multi-channel marketing services is a more efficient approach, using the rep time to address the Physician’s concerns on a more personal level and then following up with non-personal promotion to support his or her efforts. Established customer service teams are increasing in popularity, providing coverage to brands within the portfolio that are still promotion responsive but may have been dropped by in-house coverage due to a shift in concentration to specialty brands.

The PharmaKinnex business solution will tie together the range of communication services, and tailor those solutions to the market conditions in segments of the healthcare industry. Your brands will benefit significantly in choosing the PharmaKinnex model.

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Contract Sales Force