Multi-Channel Marketing Programs

Drive engagement. Captivate your Customers. Multi-Channel Marketing is all about choice.

Thanks to the available channels of communications, Physicians and other Healthcare Professionals have more choices than ever as to how they want information. As the number of channels continue to rise the need to embrace multi-channel marketing becomes not only a good idea, but a critical one. We consistently work with our clients to drive the best results.

PharmaKinnex develops and executes innovative, customized inbound and outbound marketing programs to maximize the reach your key target audience with the right message through the right channels. We work closely with our clients to design their campaigns with targeted messaging to drive engagement that is attentive, receptive and willing to act, regardless of the channel. In addition to targeting your selected Physician audiences we will also focus on Healthcare Professionals in Clinics, Hospitals, Pharmacies and also at the forefront, your Patient audience.

Our team at PharmaKinnex offers non-personal promotions by offering a variety of promotions through electronic communication. PharmaKinnex offers an integrated mix of key communication channels including telemarketing, email, fax, text, direct mail, video and SMS. If opted, your programs can be executed collaboratively with our tele-detailing and contract sales teams, or in support of your field force. Healthcare professional detailing is an important way to inform potential clients of new or popular prescriptions. More and more healthcare professionals prefer email as their first choice for pharmaceutical brand communications, and it is extremely cost effective. Fax continues to be a traditional, familiar and frequently used channel for physicians and pharmacies, and can often be the most efficient way to get your product message to your top prescribers. For a growing number of physicians, text is their preferred channel of communications, making it a highly effective channel for concise communications. Direct mail is a highly proven method of reaching physicians and can be measured with varied response mechanisms to ensure it is effective. Video detailing is the next best thing to being there. Social media has revolutionized the way people communicate with each other, and this includes physicians and other healthcare professionals. PharmaKinnex integrates social media into its marketing programs to reach your audience in the venues they prefer.

The multi-channel marketing platform we have established at PharmaKinnex is able to integrate traditional and emerging channels, reaching the right person with the right offer through the right channel at the right time, while reducing costs and improving the effectiveness and performance of your marketing efforts. We work together with our clients to develop and coordinate highly orchestrated touch points and micro-campaigns that span multiple channels fluidly, in a way that our clients find meaningful and trustworthy.

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Multi-Channel Marketing Programs