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Pharmaceutical Multi-Channel Marketing Services

targeted multichannel marketing to physicians
Is your brand achieving the touch points it needs with key healthcare targets?  

Do you have the right multi-channel marketing mix for your pharmaceutical brand?

One-dimensional promotional messaging strategies are becoming less and less effective. Pharma marketing guidelines, increased public and government scrutiny, managed care directives, and too many sales representatives have combined to create a difficult environment for delivering pharmaceutical brand messages.

Reach Your Audience More Consistently with a Multi-Channel Mix

Our integrated pharmaceutical multichannel marketing services are designed to deliver best-in-class solutions for our pharmaceutical clients. PharmaKinnex will plan and execute targeted, multi-channel messaging programs by providing the most effective marketing mix for the handling of every aspect of your pharmaceutical marketing needs. Our commitment is to deliver a comprehensive program that will deliver the best results.

Our key multi-channel marketing service offerings to the pharmaceutical, specialty pharma, biotech and medical device companies include:

Maximize Reach and Frequency with Targeted Messaging Channels

Whether by phone, e-communications or fax messaging, the goal is to reach our pharmaceutical client’s target audience quickly and effectively. Each communication vehicle can be used as a stand alone or in conjunction with other messaging channels. PharmaKinnex can use your target list or procure the most impactful lists of physicians and other healthcare professionals. To maximize program impact, these channels are typically combined with other pharmaceutical marketing services.

Improve Your Results Even More with Pharmaceutical Fulfillment and Consulting

Our quality pharmaceutical fulfillment services complement our multichannel messaging programs. A seamless integration ensures requests made via each communication channel are promptly filled. Avoiding delays in fulfillment increases the impact of each message and overall ROI for your program.

Our Management Team has a wealth of pharmaceutical marketing backgrounds and experience. We will provide consultative services in driving the best results for your program. These services are integrated in the front-end communication channels providing our clients a comprehensive 360º view of their program.

Call PharmaKinnex today at (908) 208-7023 and start planning your road to success with pharmaceutical multi-channel marketing.  Be sure to ask us about our new and exclusive LIVE Rep platform.  The LIVE Rep platform makes our pharmaceutical teledetailing calls the most effective in the industry.