Patient Adherence Program

"Patient Relationship Solutions"

The opportunity to have candid one-on-one discussions with Patients.
We listen and support the unique needs of your Patients.

"Keeping the patient On TRACK" … The Pharmaceutical Patient Adherence and Persistency program is geared towards patients (new and current) who are selected to participate in the Support Program. The goal is to influence how patients engage with their therapy and support the brand. Depending on Client brand objectives, PharmaKinnex supports the Patient who may be new to a medication, starting on a new therapy, switching products, clinical trials selection, or reminder details to medicate and encourage adherence beyond the first instructed by their Physician. Our multi-channel services will provide the Patient with the resources needed and identify any adherence barriers. PharmaKinnex will build a personalized, timely, outbound call campaign to identify any barriers, remind and persuade patients to continue to take their product. The increased engagements with the Patient improve patient self-management and adherence at all stages over the course of their therapy.

The PharmaKinnex Patient Support Representatives
"Professional, Considerate, Direct, Persistent and Timely"

Quality Patient Service Representatives (PSR) are selected based on years of experience, behavioral coaching and training. The PSR may support a variety of Patient needs not limited to:

  • Providing Welcome, Introductory program notification
  • Reminding Patients to medicate as directed
  • Addressing any unique adherence barriers
  • Providing messaging to overcome those barriers
  • Informing Patients of expiring products
  • Pairing them with Medical Support References,
  • Providing Educational components for the program
  • Capturing Survey data for statistical studies

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Patient Adherence Program