Patient Assistance Program

  • If you are...
    A United States Resident.
  • Do not have...
    Medicaid or health care insurance to cover outpatient medications.
  • Have income at...
    a level that results in economic hardship when you buy retail prescription drugs.
Patient Assistance Program

We at PharmaKinnex handle all Patient-assistance programs, from website development, to calling Physicians identifying patients that would qualify for the company’s products. PharmaKinnex works directly hand in hand with the doctors to provide the paperwork to the patient and judicate the patient per the business rules of each client.

PharmaKinnex Patient Representatives will assist Patients through-out the process, typically beginning with the initial enrollment form, where income, current prescription, coverage residence and other key qualifiers will be verified for pre-diagnosis. The PharmaKinnex T-Kinnex platform will capture and monitor each touchpoint, from Company to Patient to Physician, including the refill process. In follow-through, PharmaKinnex may confirm pick-up and receipt of a product whether through the mail, physician’s office or pharmacy.

Patient-assistance programs can convert such patients from non-users to users. Assistance programs are a triple advantage for manufacturers. They increase demand, allow companies to charge higher prices, and provide public-relations benefits. Assistance programs are an especially attractive proposition for firms that sell particularly costly drugs. Faced with high out-of-pocket costs, some patients may decide against taking an expensive medication.

Drug companies maximize the benefits and reduce the harms associated with patient-assistance programs by targeting their assistance to low-income patients. They provide assistance for all medical expenses, not just expenses for a specific drug, which limits assistance to patients whose out-of-pocket costs have exceeded a threshold, similar to what is done when an out-of-pocket maximum is used in an insurance plan. Programs constructed along these lines would expand patient access without undermining the beneficial aspects of cost sharing.


Has the ability to deploy a sales team within weeks of the project assignment


Has the ability to quickly ramp up and down the size of your sales team as your business needs change


Prices its services extremely aggressively in order to maximize the value for the client

Market Knowledge

The Leadership has been building Sales Teams for over 30+ years and brings a significant depth and breadth of knowledge


PharmaKinnex prides itself on Client Retention and treating each client’s product(s) as if they were our own. It is our goal to not just meet, but to exceed our clients expectations (ROI) through providing excellent service

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Patient Assistance Program