Pharmacy Stocking & Messaging Programs

Are you frustrated by pharmacy policies that prohibit your sales representatives from talking to pharmacists? When you launch a specialty prescription product, are you able to get enough bottles on pharmacy shelves to support physician demand? Are you satisfying the independent Pharmacy demands of your Generic brands?

Pharmacists play an important role in the uptake, usage and patient compliance of pharmaceutical products. In today’s pharmaceutical sales environment, however, it can be extremely difficult for brand teams to message pharmacists. Many of the big chain pharmacies prohibit pharmaceutical sales representatives from approaching the pharmacy counter. Independent pharmacies present a messaging and stocking challenge, as you need to approach them individually. Thus, most pharmaceutical sales organizations no longer include pharmacies in their daily call plans.

T-Kinnex is an Efficient Pharmacy Approach
A multi-channel pharmacy program can reach a substantial portion of your target audience much quicker than traditional methodologies. Even when sales representatives call on pharmacists, they can only see two or three a day. Pharmacy outreach is a program where a pharmasist will visit your home to make sure everything is going well with your medications and your are managing your medication well. Pharmacy outreach is useful for patients who are unable to leave their home. A multichannel communication program can target hundreds of pharmacists every day, in a cost-effective manner. By offering pharmacists a choice of communication channels your important message is much more likely to be heard.

This multi-channel process ensures a faster, deeper penetration for your pharmacy messaging and stocking program. Our experienced team of professional multi-channel marketers knows how to leverage each channel to optimize your success.

Pharmacy Stocking Programs are Critical to Launch Success
Failure to stock enough pharmacies can severely impair a new product launch. Included are the Generic products within Independent Pharmacies as well. For specialty pharmaceutical products, pharmacy stocking can be a difficult challenge. Many pharmacies, especially the chains, won’t even think about stocking your product if you can’t show a realistic plan for achieving $100 million in revenue. Instead, you hear the dreaded words, “we’ll order it when we see a prescription.” To successfully overcome these challenges, you need a strong special offer and a targeted multi-channel communication program that will quickly announce the benefits of stocking your product:

  • Speedy dissemination of your time-sensitive pharmacy stocking message maximizes reach and frequency to a large portion of pharmacists.
  • Support of your sales representative efforts by targeting pharmacies near their called-on physicians.
  • Ensure deep penetration of your message to big chains and independent pharmacies.
  • Clarify the pharmacy landscape for your prescription product by mapping stocked locations
  • Sharing your products unique value proposition and reimbursement status with pharmacists

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Pharmacy Stocking & Messaging Programs