Our Expertise

We offer a mix of integrated sales and marketing support services, specializing in Tele-Detailing with our fully blended inbound/outbound - focused Call Center solution. Our talented staff of individuals will reach the right targets, through the right channels, with the right message. In addition to connecting with Healthcare Providers and their offices in many diverse therapeutic classes, we will effectively communicate with the most valued Healthcare Professionals in Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmacies, and first and foremost, your Patients. Our brand programs are customized to meet individual brand needs with direct outreach and engagement success.

Inside Sales Team

PharmaKinnex’ Call Center offers a multi-channel marketing solution that has been helping Pharmaceutical/Healthcare companies maximize their sales since 2004. Our multi-channel marketing programs offer a cost-effective way of communicating your product’s key message to your most valued customers. The Call Center is the core of our business in providing a blend of both inbound and outbound quality tele-detailing.

The PharmaKinnex full service, contact center is staffed by the talent needed to ensure your success. This may include professional healthcare Customer Service Representatives, Field Representatives, Nurses or Pharmacist to fulfill your campaign objectives. We provide your on-site team with the necessary tools to excel in meeting your program goals and providing the best results.

Our center is 100% supportive of the Life Science Industry. We have supported programs for the top 10, mid-sized specialty and emerging pharmaceuticals companies. We have recently extended our service offerings to the medical device, animal health and biotech industry. Cosmeceutical and nutraceutical companies may also consider the PharmaKinnex advantage.

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Tandem Representative

Our Tele-detailing Representatives work in tandem with your existing Sales team to increase their impact and optimize your product's sales potential significantly more than would be possible with the traditional approach of a Representative working in isolation. This, in some cases can double their efficiency, and realize significant increase in sales. We effectively manage your Vacant Territories. Our talented, highly trained Representatives at PharmaKinnex will promote you product(s) in vacant territories and white space areas. We connect and detail the "no-see" or "hard to see" Healthcare Professionals to further support your sales growth. We can build a team to complement or supplement your sales plans.

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Contract Sales Force

PharmaKinnex is excited to have recently added pharmaceutical contract sales services to our multi-channel approach. This makes us even more impactful and cost-effective for our clients. Our leadership has been building Sales Teams for over thirty years and brings a significant depth and breadth of knowledge to our clients. The promoting by outsourcing teams in the pharmaceutical market is a successful alternative for our clients to recognize cost reductions, and achievements in return of investment. These relationship teams have evolved as a significant, cost-effective industry resource.

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Multi-Channel Marketing Programs

PharmaKinnex develops and executes innovative, customized inbound and outbound marketing programs to maximize the reach your key target audience with the right message through the right channels. We work closely with our clients to design their campaigns with targeted messaging to drive engagement that is attentive, receptive and willing to act, regardless of the channel. In addition to targeting your selected Physician audiences we will also focus on Healthcare Professionals in Clinics, Hospitals, Pharmacies and also at the forefront, your Patient audience.

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Patient Adherence

“Keeping the patient On TRACK”…The Patient Adherence and Persistency program is geared towards patients (new and current) who are selected to participate in the Support Program. The goal is to influence how patients engage with their therapy and support the brand. Depending on Client brand objectives, PharmaKinnex supports the Patient who may be new to a medication, starting on a new therapy, switching products, clinical trials selection, or reminder details to medicate and encourage adherence beyond the first prescription.as instructed by their Physician. Our multi-channel services will provide the Patient with the resources needed and identify any adherence barriers.

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Pharmacy Program

A multi-channel pharmacy program can reach a substantial portion of your target audience much quicker than traditional methodologies. Even when sales representatives call on pharmacists, they can only see two or three a day. A multi-channel communication program can target hundreds of pharmacists every day, in a cost-effective manner. By offering pharmacists a choice of communication channels your important message is much more likely to be heard.

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