Tandem Representative

A collaborative, supportive effort between our Tele-detailing Team and your Field Force

Create opportunities not possible with the traditional approach. “Fill in the Gap”.

Our Tele-detailing Representatives work in tandem with your existing Sales team to increase their impact and optimize your product’s sales potential significantly more than would be possible with the traditional approach of a Representative working in isolation. This, in some cases can double their efficiency, and realize significant increases in sales. Our talented, highly trained Representatives at PharmaKinnex can also promote your products in vacant territories and white space areas. We connect and detail the “no-see” or “hard to see” Healthcare Professionals to further support your sales growth. We effectively manage your Vacant Territories.

Our personalized, multi-channel communications are turnkey in providing a Vacancy alert message, an introductory letter and the necessary fulfillment items, such as brand educational materials, coupons, re-bate offers, vouchers and sample requests. We will build relationships with office staff, thereby ensuring they have a venue for answers to their questions and for requesting samples and educational materials. We work together with our clients in balancing the field-based sales and teledetailing representatives to efficiently maximize interactions with healthcare providers and their office staff. Our representatives promote pharmaceutical sales force supplementation in target areas that will optimize sales for your business. Upon return of the Representative, or a new hire to the position, we provide a report that reflects the activity in their absence, a helpful tool for the new Representative coming on board.

Select the PharmaKinnex Call Center, our Pharmaceuticals Tandem Representative, to profile your target audience, warm up territories, produce leads and schedule appointments. We work to strengthen the dialogue between your brand and your customers by making full use of our multi-channel support services and the endless possibilities provided by our contact center. We build the “whole office” relationship. We fill in the gap.

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Tandem Representative