How PharmaKinnex Helps You Plan For A Better 2023

September 27, 2022

Everyone knows that over the next few weeks and months, businesses in the pharma marketing industry will meet to discuss next year’s budget. Assigning additional duties, approving new projects, planning for foreseen (and unforeseen) gaps in your resources…these stresses are annual reminders of how much effort goes into just organizing the things that make daily work possible. Even worse than forcing you to examine your business as it stands, when you plan your budget, you take time away from your other work to do it.

But how much of that legwork needs to be that difficult to pull together? Can you achieve something better with your current resources? Is it possible to increase product revenues, contact more leads, extend product life cycles, and make work easier?

With PharmaKinnex, it isn’t just possible, it’s a guarantee. Keep reading to find out more about how our pharma marketing services can help make 2023 your best year yet.

Extend Your Product Life Cycle & Your Budget

We previously broke down the 4 stages of your product’s life cycle and how our professional services can help you extend them:

Introduction: We provide a knowledgeable remote inside sales team that helps you educate prescribers on everything from medical devices to rare disease products. Our agents help warm new territories and optimize profiling to increase profits and reduce wasted time. For even more convenience, PharmaKinnex provides this all as a turnkey solution that allows your team to get back to other, more pressing tasks.

Growth: Instantly increase your company’s ability to contact HCPs and clinics with our team of experienced inside sales agents. Tap into whitespace, vacant territories, and hard-to-reach provider networks. At every stage of your product’s life cycle, they’ll access whitespace, vacant territories, and hard-to-reach provider networks hundreds of times a day.

Maturity: Expensive field reps make growing and scaling difficult, but our inside sales agents achieve results that help bring you peace of mind. Focus on hiring and retaining important talent elsewhere in the organization—we’ve got inside sales handled.

Decline: Our pharma marketing experts create, kick-off, and manage multi-channel marketing plans that will help your team generate enough extra revenue to ease the decline.

However, today, we want to tell our readers about a very simple and specific fact concerning the entire pharma marketing industry—the revenue benefits of successfully extending your products’ life cycles can not be overstated. It’s obvious that previous in-person methods of extending life cycles and affecting prescriber behavior are no longer working.

In order to survive and thrive in 2023, your team must re-evaluate and optimize your approach to marketing your products in the long term. By successfully extending your product’s life cycle, you recapture revenue that your less proactive competitors miss out on every single day.

Interested in learning more about extending your product life cycles and increasing revenue by up to 10X? Schedule a call with one of our pharma marketing experts and get started on your 2023 product line today.

Industry Analysis: Remote Inside Sales Are The Future

In preparation for the pharma marketing industry’s overdue switch to inside sales, we’ve moved mountains to ensure that our clients receive the full benefits of our transparent, cost-effective, and revenue-generating solutions:

Accurately Capture Contact Info – In today’s post-COVID digital world, inside sales teams are better suited to collect and leverage important contact information from HCPs and clinics.

Contact More Qualified Leads – While the average sales rep contacts an average of 8 leads per day, our remote inside sales teams can make 10X the calls with less work for you.

More Effectively Educate Prescribers – Pharma marketing industry experts agree that creating a “blended” content environment is paramount for future success. To hit your 2023 goals, you’ll need a trained inside sales team and a multi-channel approach that will cut through the noise of the competition.

Leverage Whitespace & Vacant Territories – You don’t have to leave money on the table when it comes to hard-to-access sales regions. With remote inside sales solutions, thousands of HCPs and clinics across the country are at your team’s fingertips.

Our team of remote sales reps is positioned to consistently outperform sales representatives and save you millions of dollars each year, at a fraction of the cost. Without even considering the post-pandemic difficulty of accessing prescribers in person, in order to exceed your goals in 2023, your team needs to make a big change.

Build A Multi-Channel Approach That Works FOR Your Team

Traditional pharma marketing challenges like deciding on proper targeting and metrics and creating efficient messaging will always exist—and we specialize in solving those problems too. However, with advancing times and technology come new, often frustrating challenges that we believe aren’t talked about enough:

  • Increased demand/necessity for a “blended” approach to print/online content.
  • Decreased attention spans & the busy schedules of prescribers.
  • Constant advertising from competing and non-competing businesses.

While most companies choose 1-2 specific channels like email or direct mail, we encourage venturing into the many others with much more enthusiasm. Consider that your competitors are often switching channels and losing focus, leaving their customers confused and uninterested in their content. Knowing this, optimizing the right combination of channels is an important piece of the puzzle that you’ll be solving in 2023 and beyond.

Why? Because whether or not you are currently tackling the proper channels is an important question that you should know the answer to if you plan on increasing sales and expanding product reach. If your message isn’t getting to the right prospects, every dollar that you’re spending on that messaging is literally going into the proverbial trash. Thinking of it in a more constructive way, every dollar of your budget that’s wasted could be used better elsewhere!

That’s why our remote inside sales force utilizes popular channels to build custom and cost-effective marketing strategies that increase revenue and expand your product reach. Some of these channels include:

  • Phone (Tele-detailing)
  • Email marketing
  • Digital storytelling
  • Video
  • Direct mail
  • Fax

Whether it takes an email, a phone call, or a simple explainer video, we’ll help you get your message in front of decision-makers in 2023. Remember, if your marketing is making you money, then you’re not really paying for it!

PharmaKinnex Understands Your 2023 Budget Needs

We succeed when pharma marketing companies embrace the future and their full potential with tools that make their jobs easier. From field force supplementation and remote inside sales to multi-channel marketing, PharmaKinnex offers a full suite of pharma marketing solutions that increase sales and expand your product reach.

PharmaKinnex wants to help you help prescribers and patients in the quickest, easiest, and most cost-effective way possible. When partnering with us, you’ll engage new prospects, check in on current clients with new, exciting offerings, and more efficiently manage advertising campaigns that convert into increased revenue and profits. We know that the funds allocated to your team’s operations are hard-earned—don’t let them go to waste on inefficient pharma marketing strategies that actually hold back growth.

Before your team meets to approve the 2023 budget, schedule a call with one of our pharma marketing specialists to review current capabilities and find out more about how PharmaKinnex can help you make it your best year yet.