How to Get Started with Contract Pharmaceutical Inside Sales Companies

May 20, 2022


The goal of pharmaceutical companies’ sales efforts is to effectively cover their target markets to maximize sales. Having full market coverage ensures that sales success and a desirable ROI can be reached.  When that happens everyone wins.

One way to ensure pharma sales success is tapping whitespace and hard-to-reach areas within covered territories that field sales reps often cannot reach due to geographical constraints and access restrictions. A contracted pharmaceutical inside sales force can be just the ticket to getting the full coverage you need to significantly increase your product’s reach, expand your market share, and boost your profits.

How Contract Pharmaceutical Inside Sales Companies Can Help

Whitespace is uncovered territory that is left permanently vacant due to low perceived value.  Yet these territories often can be profitable if the costs to cover them are lower.

It is often impractical or even impossible for field sales reps to connect with “no-visit” physicians and other medical specialists, as well as those in large institutional settings that place restrictions on access.

Reasons like these are why so many pharmaceutical companies have begun outsourcing their marketing efforts to contracted inside sales forces. There are diverse benefits to doing so – if you ensure you’re dealing with a pharma inside sales company that can deliver the excellent performance you need.

3 Tips for Working with a Contracted Inside Sales Force

Broad pharmaceutical marketing goals are to run successful, scalable, and cost-effective campaigns that lead to increased sales. Consider the following three tips for working with a contract pharmaceutical inside sales company.

1 – Is there a fit?

This one may be simple, but it’s definitely important. Contact the inside sales company you’re considering and see if they are a good fit for your team. Do they take the time to ask you about your specific needs? Do they offer workable solutions and strategies that will achieve your goals? Do they utilize modern pharma marketing strategies that will get results?

It’s often good to do a discovery call to see if it feels like a good fit, before getting to the consultation call where you will dive a bit deeper.

If the initial call goes well, then schedule a consultation so that you can meet with the pharmaceutical inside sales company leadership, and discuss the strategies they have that will efficiently increase sales in your whitespace areas.

This is also a good time to ask for some case studies that show the pharmaceutical inside sales company can bring you the success you’re looking for.

2 – Review your proposal

Ensure that your proposal includes details concerning the scope of the program, how many resources are allocated to your campaign, how long your campaign will run, its geographical coverage, the key performance indicators you will be tracking, and, of course, the total investment that you will incur and potential ROI.

3 – Kickoff your program

Once you sign the proposal and are ready to move forward, you should expect the team leader to call or meet with you to discuss all of the approved deliverables. Use this time to review the timeline, define important milestones, and decide on an official date to launch the campaign.

Modern Multi-Channel Pharma Marketing Programs Can Cover Whitespace

A good pharmaceutical inside sales company will offer a multi-channel approach that includes:

  • A Strong inside sales team that are experts in tele-detailing
  • Email marketing
  • Digital storytelling
  • Video
  • And more

The bottom line is if you want to win in today’s insanely competitive pharmaceutical market, you need a scalable and effective pharma inside sales strategy that can expand your product reach into whitespace in order to grow sales.