Pharma Marketing Solutions That Help Address Whitespace

April 13, 2022


Whitespace in pharma marketing refers are areas where pharma companies don’t add a field salesforce presence in because of the lack of ROI caused by smaller population size and lower sales potential for each physician.

Inside Sales – Unlimited Possibilities

Inside sales provide significant advantages over field sales in pharma marketing. Unlike traditional ‘outside’ sales, where a sales representative physically goes to providers selling products, inside sales keep the representative remote, allowing them to reach a larger demographic of providers. Inside salespeople are not bound geographically; they can reach people from all over the country using the internet. With a broader reach, your sales force can teach more consumers that they need your medications, finding that room or the white space in the marketplace. 

With a new awareness that your products are the solution to their problem, your team can implement various marketing strategies to turn those interested leads into paying customers. Simultaneously, you gain the advantage of fewer costs associated with your sales team, like no money required for gas, tolls, car maintenance, etc. An inside sales rep can work faster and cover more ground every day.

With more data and leads available to your pharmaceutical company, exponential growth and scalability quickly become a reality. Having a single effective solution to getting the proper treatment to the patients in need when they need it, is market access in pharma. Cracking that code with a sales team that understands how to meet those needs with captivating ads, thoughtfully-worded email campaigns, social media strategies, and more is how pharmaceutical companies win business.

Direct & Digital Storytelling 

Digital Storytelling is another pharma marketing solution used to address regions that traditional marketing may miss. Digital storytelling involves multimedia tools such as videos with music and images to bring narratives to life. Digital Stories can explain a concept, reflect on a personal experience, retell a historical event, or make an argument. Digital storytelling, when executed correctly, can reach people on the most intimate level and help your qualified leads who are outside of your typical consumer range to spark an interest in your pharmaceuticals. 

Email campaigns can help break into the white space or gaps in your reach to help new consumers connect the dots between their needs and your drugs. Direct mail initiatives give consumers the information they need to work with their prescribers on implementing your treatments. Putting data in the hands of the people who need help creates openings for pharma companies and only occurs when digital and direct pharma marketing solutions are consistently executed.

Digital Data’s Importance in Inside Sales

Electronic Medical Record, or EMR, are digital versions of the paper charts in clinician offices, clinics, and hospitals. EMRs contain notes and information collected by clinicians in that office, clinic, or hospital and are used by providers for diagnosis and treatment. EMRs are more practical than paper records because they allow providers to track data over some time, pinpoint patients for preventive visits and screenings, observe patients, and enhance healthcare quality. 

Providers can translate this data into an effective pharma marketing strategy. Tapping into the data allows them to make recommendations about the patient’s care and guide the provider on which products make the most sense for their health and well-being. Pharmaceutical companies can take the benefits of electronic medical records one step further by reaching the prescribers with banner ads, popup ads, and suggested products through their EMR platforms. The prescriber’s information is so specific to each patient that a sales team can curate hyper-specific ads on a case-by-case basis. 

Pharmaceutical companies can instantly capitalize on the patient’s needs, and more people can get the treatment they require through the proper and consistent use of pharma marketing solutions.