Rare Disease


Rare disease company needing help finding patients and increasing reach


  • Very low disease awareness – patients commonly misdiagnosed
  • Relatively small sales force
  • Very large potential target list despite rarity of disease (multiple specialties could see these patients)
  • COVID-19 access restrictions


  • Pilot program began with 4 Tele-Sales Representatives working with 5 field districts to generate awareness of this disease and help identify potential patients
  • Offices with potential patients or interest in learning more would be passed on to the sales force immediately following the call
  • The program elements included tele-detailing and email


The early results of the program encouraged the client to expand and extend the program, adding two additional Tele-Sales Representatives to the program and adding 8 months to the length of the program. The Tele-Sales team was able to generate opportunities in just under 1,000 offices over a 12-month period, (the majority of which were previously unknown to the sales force) and these leads were able to generate 10 start up forms.

December 60
January 57
February 26
March 82
April 70
May 68
June 59
July 61
August 84
September 66
October 94
November 164
December 62