Contracted Sales Force Solutions


Field Force Supplementation with PharmaKinnex

We know that your company works hard to achieve your pharmaceutical sales goals, but what could you accomplish with more resources? Imagine having an experienced and mobile task force dedicated to spreading your brand’s message and creating sales opportunities. There’s already a successful, cost-effective, and scalable solution at your fingertips and that’s what we’re offering here at PharmaKinnex.

Your field force solution, supplemented by our pharmaceutical marketing team, can generate more leads, provide better service in hard-to-reach areas, and quickly warm territories for future engagements. Our solutions are a direct replacement for expensive field reps and with our ability to scale up as needed, our agents will take your marketing efforts to the next level. No matter your team’s current challenges and capabilities, PharmaKinnex is ready to provide you with tested pharmaceutical sales strategies that position your company a step ahead of the competition.

Expanded Coverage

Leverage our remote sales agents to enhance and expand your pharmaceutical marketing footprint. From large, hard-to-cover geographies to typically inaccessible prescribers and clinics, we can help you tap into markets that might currently seem impossible or cost-ineffective to even attempt to service. By utilizing a flexible and scalable multi-channel strategy, PharmaKinnex can contact physicians more quickly and with more targeted offerings, leading to shorter sales cycles and more conversions for you and your team.

Lead Generation

Bringing in more qualified leads is something that every sales team can agree is a good thing. The problem is finding the balance between assigning enough resources to capture them, while still remaining profitable and servicing current customers. But with PharmaKinnex, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Our remote pharmaceutical sales agents are uniquely trained to assist in lead generation, regardless of location or current restrictions.

Larger Product Reach

Getting your product in the hands of physicians and prescribers across the country is essential to helping patients receive the medications they need. We want to help you help those people in the quickest, easiest, and most cost-effective way possible. PharmaKinnex agents can engage new prospects, check in on current clients with new offerings, and manage advertising campaigns that can help with the heavy lifting while you focus on new products and future goals.

Reduced Hiring Burdens

Don’t spend valuable time scrambling to hire any representative to cover a recently vacated territory. With PharmaKinnex, you’ll have plenty of time to consider only the best and most qualified candidates while our remote inside sales team handles checking in with prescribers and clinics.

Increased Revenue

More leads, expanded product reach, and larger areas of coverage translate to more sales, more revenue, and more profit. We have worked for close to 20 years to provide cost-effective and easy-to-implement inside sales solutions for the pharmaceutical marketing industry. In fact, many of our clients receive a cost reduction of up to 10X within the first year.

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Let us supplement your field force with our trained and 100% remote pharmaceutical marketing team to increase your product reach and maximize your revenue.