Inside Sales with PharmaKinnex

High-frequency pharma inside sales solutions for pharma are integral to our clients and our business. From covering more ground in whitespaces & vacant territories to hospitals, medical devices, and hospital & pharmacy programs, we help your team remotely plan, execute, and manage inside sales strategies that are both profitable and scalable.

Leverage our capabilities with assurance that our agents are working hard to generate and maintain a multi-channel marketing program that furthers your team’s goals and the future you have planned for your business.

Pharmaceutical Industry Challenges

In planning that future, we understand that over the past few years, the pharmaceutical industry, like most others, has been completely upended by a variety of factors. Whether you’re talking about strict legal restrictions, new technology, inefficient life cycle solutions, or most recently, remote access & COVID-19 restrictions, we’ve been positioned for over a decade to adapt and grow inside medical sales in any environment through our remote sales reps, regardless of industry challenges or setbacks—and we want to pass that along to you via cost-effective and comprehensive strategies,

We often hear that identifying, qualifying, and then directing leads toward a successful sale is hard in today’s environment, especially with hard-to-access HCPs and remote work becoming all too common. That’s exactly what our inside sales team is trained to do for you. Our multi-channel approach (phone, video & tele-detailing, direct mail, email, fax, digital storytelling platform, etc.) gets the message across clearly and consistently, breaking through the noise of the competition.

Pharmaceutical Marketing


Pharmaceutical Marketing


Quickly Expand Into Untapped Markets

We know that traditional ‘boots on the ground’ marketing efforts can be difficult, if not impossible to implement in whitespace, grayspace, and vacant territories. As a core focus of our offerings, we’ve optimized our pharma inside sales onboarding process to ensure completion in 4-6 weeks, giving you back valuable time that can be better focused on maximizing revenue and growing in those territories. You’re not only getting better results and making more money with inside sales, you’re saving time and effort for your team.

Replace Field Representatives, Save Money & Time

Hiring and maintaining field representatives of your own can quickly become a huge strategic and tactical undertaking, on top of being expensive, inefficient, and time-consuming. Our team of remote sales reps are positioned to outperform representatives and save you millions of dollars each year, at a fraction of the cost. More flexible and cost-effective than expensive field representatives, our inside sales agents are able to scale as needed, taking your marketing efforts to the next level. Don’t forget—our agents are already pharma-trained and ready to work for you!


Markets that we serve with inside sales include:

Hospitals, Pharmacy Programs, & Physician Practices

As more prescribers limit access to their in-person staff, inside sales solutions are increasingly becoming critical pieces of any successful marketing campaign. Health care providers (HCP) are overwhelmed and the prescribers who can be solicited have little time or patience for in-person visits.

We speak to over 90,000 HCPs a month at hospitals, pharmacies, physicians’ offices, and clinics all over the country. As that number grows, so do opportunities to expand your product reach and maximize revenue. With over 15 years of inside sales experience, our agents have a deep knowledge of the P&T process, stocking & availability, physician detailing, GPO compliance, deciles, and everything else you’ll need for a comprehensive and replicable strategy.

Medical Devices

There’s a big difference between marketing pharmaceuticals and marketing medical devices—nearly everything. Alongside being up-to-date on current FDA and prescriber regulations, our remote sales reps know all of the important details and are ready to help you increase your bandwidth and market your medical devices of all types, anywhere.

Rare Diseases

An increasingly important focus to our business, rare disease products typically also have shorter or accelerated life cycles and increased deal activity. The traditional model requires tens of millions of dollars in marketing to educate enough HCPs, but, our inside sales agents fill in these gaps by remotely contacting large numbers of physicians quickly, making campaigns more effective and profitable. We train and encourage our inside sales agents to help our clients seize these opportunities to expand product reach whenever and wherever possible. 

Remember: This limited group of patients can be located anywhere, and in order to identify as many of them as possible, you need to be everywhere.

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We also work with clients in wider industries including:


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