Multi-Channel Pharma Marketing Programs with PharmaKinnex

In today’s environment, the only way that any company can guarantee a winning marketing strategy is to be ahead-of-the-curve, and more importantly, flexible. Without a trained and managed pharma digital marketing company, a task like this is made harder for teams like yours by a host of industry factors. Obstacles like hard-to-reach healthcare professionals and COVID-19 restrictions are made even more complicated by more traditional marketing challenges like deciding on proper targeting and metrics and creating efficient messaging. If you’re a pharmaceutical company, our sales and marketing teams are something you cannot afford to go without.

This is where PharmaKinnex can help you get ahead. Our direct marketing services can quickly be optimized and deployed to deliver relevant multi-channel messaging that generates leads and increases your revenue. Even better, all of this happens under the careful guidance of our marketing strategy specialists, leaving your team with more time to focus on new initiatives and product development.

From email marketing and direct mail to direct-to-patient marketing and digital storytelling, PharmaKinnex can provide your team with surround-sound, relevant, and effective content marketing that will increase revenue and expand product reach. Using multi-channel marketing, you’ll reach more customers with better messaging, and with our multi-channel pharma marketing, you’ll do it while you save time and money.

Why Multi-Channel Marketing?

Modern pharmaceutical marketing has an across-the-board challenge: attention is hard to grab, and the attention of decision-makers, at the right time, is that much more difficult to capture. Most companies choose 1-2 specific channels like email or direct mail to focus on, only dipping into others on rare occasions and with much less enthusiasm. Even more, some of those same companies also switch channels and focus, leaving their customers confused and uninterested in their content, their products, and their brand. Finding the right channel is something that our customers often focus on and struggle with before deploying our pharmaceutical contract inside sales force, but it’s only one piece of the puzzle for any successful marketing strategy.

Whether or not you are currently tackling the right channels is an important question a pharmaceutical contract inside sales force will help you determine, but there are other factors to consider:

  • “Are we using the right combination of channels?”
  • “Are we sending our content with consistency?”
  • “Are we compliant with best marketing & industry practices?”
  • “Do we have enough coverage to successfully market our products?”

These types of questions are what a pharmaceutical contract inside sales force can help you leverage with a cost-effective multi-channel marketing solution.

Our pharmaceutical contract inside sales force specializes in:

  • Phone (Tele-detailing)
  • Email marketing
  • Digital storytelling
  • Direct mail
  • Fax
  • Video

Since 2004, we’ve helped pharmaceutical companies reach hundreds of thousands of physicians and generate more than $1M per year in top-line revenue. By targeting the right customers and sending relevant and effective content with consistency, our pharmaceutical contract inside sales force creates a surround-sound multi-channel marketing campaign that generates leads and revenue for your products. Whether it takes an email, a phone call, or a simple explainer video, we’ll help you get your message in front of decision-makers.

Schedule a call and let us design a customized, multi-channel marketing program that will leverage a pharmaceutical contract inside sales force to increase product reach and maximize your team’s revenue.